Director Investments/CEO

Sami Ullah is both an excellent entrepreneur and leader who envisioned the future of Xeros; leading by example and empowering the young minds. He takes a vision and works to shape it into reality employing strategic development. He has a knack of intuitively turning the problems into opportunities; how to develop a coherent system for organization and influence the situations for business advantage. While his fellow engineers graduated in 2016, he chose to not complete his degree to stay focused on his one true goal; business. He commands respect for his credibility in taking bold decisions, enlisting strategic financial investments, and establishment of exceptional governing body.

Mr. Sami presented the proposal for Xeros in 2016 along with co-founders Mr. Afaq Najam and Mr. Waqar Ahmed, in response to the call of proposal by Technology and Business Incubation Center, University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar. The proposal was highly appraised by the committee for elaborate setting, planning and growth rate.

Mr. Sami took Xeros from startup to acceleration phase in a matter of two years, with constant struggle and effective planning. Under his command, Xeros has been one of the consistently high performing startups of TIC during the incubation period. He is known in business circle for his intensity and business sense. Mr. Sami is a man of his word; making waves and appraised as the rising star, he has yet to reach his full potential.