Director Revenue

Umer Farooq is an extra-ordinary leader, who commands respect and trust for his most simple and easygoing nature. Despite his simplicity, no one doubts his authority; he is direct and decisive whenever he needs to be. Recently appointed as Director Revenue, Mr. Farooq is responsible for leading the organization, and direction and coordination of all revenue functions of Xeros.

He is most adept at relationship management, joint venture negotiations, business planning, revenue forecasting, and asset management. Prior to his appointment, he served as Business Development and Planning Engineer for Creative Engineering Management Services, taking on Project Planning, Marketing strategy development, Budget allocation, monitoring and audit, for projects like Hayatabad Medical Complex, Ayub Teaching Hospital, Lawi Hydropower plant among many others.

Mr. Farooq served as trade consultant and handled tenders, trade regulation and propagation, nation-wide marketing of company trades, and product selection for international market. During his tenure with MKB he has acquired experience in Manufacturing, Production planning, Scheduling, Cost estimations, Process improvement and Quality assurance.

Mr. Farooq is earning his Master’s degree in Manufacturing System Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, and he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial engineering from the same institute.