Procurement Officer

Muhammad Afaq Najam Khan plans, maintain and oversees the company’s procurement and logistics. He is tasked with providing a smooth platform for company’s outsourcing and purchasing process so the other departments are working efficiently and effectively. He is responsible for devising and using fruitful procurement and sourcing strategies, discovering profitable suppliers and procurement partnerships, and negotiations with external vendors to secure advantageous terms.

Mr. Najam is one of the founding member of the company and has worked for the betterment and development of the company by brining different ideas on board for the operations management and facilities location analysis.

Mr. Najam has earned Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Engineering and technology Peshawar – A prestigious public sector university of engineering and applied sciences. During the studies he and his friend Mr. Sami Ullah stepped into the startup world of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and they have been working tirelessly to make their dreams come true.