Muhammad Naeem is currently serving as Investment consultant reporting to Mr. Sami Ullah, Director Investment. He joined Xeros as Chief Operating Officer, managing internal affairs effectively and efficiently. Soon however, he discovered that he had a latent talent for negotiations, pacification and idea generation. At this point he was officially declared as broker for investment drive.

With his studies in Energy Management and Sustainability, he pitched the idea of Energy Securities and with endorsement from Xeros, he initiated the project. As a shareholder in Energy Securities project, he is highly invested in managing all the technical aspects of energy audit; renewable solar energy installation, maintenance and services.

As an Investment Consultant he is responsible for handling leads, relationship management, investment negotiations, and coordination of all investment function.

Mr. Naeem is earning his Master’s degree in Energy Management and Sustainability from United States Pakistan Center for Advance Energy Studies under the banner of University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, and he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial engineering.